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Active Mobility Scooters offer the highest quality and lowest price

single seater electric golf buggies and mobility scooters Australia wide.


Now I have the independence to visit my friends at St Vinnies and enjoy the view on the way. It is so easy to drive, I should have got one years ago.


Before I got my new mobility scooter, I was finding it harder and harder to leave the house. Now I’m mobile and down the shopping centre with my mates most afternoons. Thanks for a great scooter.


My son would have to drive me everywhere before I got my scooter. Now he can get on with his job while I catch up with my friends.


A double knee operation slowed me down so I needed a mobility scooter that was going to get me out and about. The model 800 was a perfect fit, I’m just loving it.


It’s really changed my life. I can now get to the shops without calling on my son to drive me there. It’s given me the freedom to go wherever I like, whenever I like.


Acreage is where I want to be, and with my new mobility scooter I can now get to the post box, take the bins out and water my garden.


Catching the train with my new mobility scooter means I can travel so much further. No longer am I limited to the local shops, it’s wonderful!


Thank you for your assistance and punctuality. Both mobility scooters are going to plan and fulfilling our needs. It was reassuring to find a supplier that makes peace of mind a priority and we have benefited from your special kind of service.


Getting to the doctors was getting to tricky. Now I can scooter up the hill without a worry. I save my legs for the shops, not the trip to the shops.


The mobility scooter is everything I could have hoped for, and even more. Solid, comfortable, takes hills well, and then there is the high gear when required. And people in shopping centres are instant friends.

We’re always happy to answer your questions!

Call us on 1800 55 48 27

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